Late Summer Update & Homecoming Weekend (message from president dave thorpe)

Hi guys –

Hope you are all enjoying the nice hot summer weather. This is when I truly appreciate the temperate weather in Seattle . . . ;-)

Despite the summer hiatus and scattered vacations we continue to make good progress with the house and I thought I would share a quick update on a few things:


House Rental

While you have been vacationing we have continued to work on the house in preparation for the incoming tenants (10 lacrosse players) who are scheduled to move in THIS Friday. Lots of work has been done with various alums over a series of weekends this summer. Yes, the house is HOT in July and August!! To give you an idea of what has been accomplished here are a few highlights:

  •  Dining Room / Living Room doors have been boarded up to restrict access per the rental agreement;
  • ALL PSKRD historical artifacts & chapter property that was located in the front basement, library & living room have been secured and locked in a room upstairs. Tony B took the ceremonial robes home and had them cleaned. Not sure when that was last done ;-)
  • Drop ceiling tiles repaired/replaced in the 2nd floor hallway;
  • Sinks and toilets in 2nd floor bathrooms stabilized;
  • 2nd floor wing bathroom showers repaired, front showers have been capped (plumber);
  • Back up sump pump in the rear basement has been repaired and the electrical conduits that were leaking have been capped;
  • Living room wall repairs completed and walls painted;
  • Dryer Vent repaired;
  • All exterior doors have been re-keyed with a new master key and new locks installed on selected interior doors to restrict access to the areas of the house that are not open to the renters;
  • WiFi/Internet/Security system has been relocated to a more secure location and the house has been wired (professionally) to provide 3 wireless access points downstairs and on the 2nd floor so that tenants (and future actives) can access high speed internet wirelessly. This will be controlled by an onsite firewall that can be managed remotely (a BIG thanks to Dave Shaffer ’81 and his brother in-law John who had a crew onsite for an entire day pulling cable).

The house is now ready for the rental (just in time I might add). We have received the first installment of the rent ($37k) so financially we are on track. We have also hired a local Property Manager (David Monsour) to keep an eye on the house and to act as the first point of contact for any issues should they arise. Tony, Lee and David will be meeting the students on Saturday to provide a “walk-thru” and to review our expectations for the house. For those that may be concerned about possible damage, we have significantly increased the security deposit and we will be reviewing the property condition frequently. Any issues will be addressed as they occur and to the extent that it was caused by the tenants the security deposit will be used and replenished accordingly.



Thanks to Todd’s hard work we have secured a much improved liability/homeowner’s policy for the house. We now have replacement cost coverage (which we did not have before) amongst other policy improvements. The policy was secured through an insurance advisory firm that is run by a PSKRD alum (Zac Cregar ’03). Zac was able to secure this improved coverage at a significant savings over the previous policy. Zac is also working to assist us in securing an improved umbrella policy as well as we currently do not have anything in place which is another gap we need to address. Thanks Zac for all your help!!!


Homecoming BBQ and Alumni Meeting – HOLD the Date

This year’s Homecoming is Saturday, October 1st. It’s a great weekend to visit the house to see all the progress that has been made and to visit with fellow alums. We will be hosting an alumni BBQ and meeting with beverages on Saturday afternoon. Details to follow.

Now that the house is occupied we will be turning our attention to the larger capital projects that need to be completed over the next 2-3 years including:

  1.  Completion of the window replacement project (est. $15k);
  2. Exterior painting (est. $20k);
  3. Minor brick repairs (est. $5k);
  4. Bathroom renovations (est. $30k);
  5. Front porch replacement (est. $20k);
  6. 2nd Floor subfloor repair (est. $30k);

These projects will require additional funds from, yes, YOU!!!


So... how can you help?

To bring the house back up to par we need to raise $50,000 in annual sustaining donations. It’s simple math. If we had 150 alums pitching in $25/month ($300/year); we could accomplish the above projects in the next 2 years. Some of these are in dire need of being addressed or we will face larger issues in the not too distant future.

 Visit Fundly here and sign up for a sustaining donation of $10, $25 or $50 per month. Last year we had over 100 alums participate with an average one-time cash contribution of $300 to our sustaining fund. With over 600 living alumni we’d like to get that participation up to 150 alums on a sustaining (recurring) annual basis.

Talk to your other fellow alums – encourage them to pitch in and participate. Grab 5 or 10 guys and raise $$ for one of our capital projects.


So, what are you waiting for? Take 10 minutes and visit the site and jump in. You’ll feel so much better . . .


Ok, that’s it for now. Stay tuned for additional information on Homecoming in the next few weeks . . .


Damn Proud!!


Dave Thorpe ‘82