Annual Alumni Meeting Minutes

PSK Rho Deuteron Annual Alumni Meeting

Date/Time: April 23 @ 10am ET

Present: Dave Thorpe, Ted Gibbons, Alex Shipper, Lee Merwin, Todd Klacik


Phi Sigma Kappa Rho Deuteron Chapter had their annual chapter meeting at the chapter house in Gettysburg, PA on April 23, 2016 at approximately 10 AM. Dave Thorpe, President of the Alumni Board, began the meeting with his opening remarks on the state of the house and the significant amount of work that has been done in the past year. Dave reiterates the importance of building long standing alumni relations for sustainability of the house. The need for a significant value proposition to join the fraternity as a new student is key since the college, in the past few years, has really offered a lot of programs that only fraternities once offered. Parents, with these new college programs being offered, see no reason to support their children to become a member of the fraternity or any form of Greek Life for that matter.

Dave presents the 7-year plan and touches on the stabilizing of the financials, building alumni engagement, executive re-colonization, and building the aforementioned value proposition for prospective members. In the last 9 months, the Alumni Loan Program has raised nearly $86,000. In 30 years, there was no campaign that raised more than $2,000. This is a very positive sign that indicates that the alumni are very interested in the continued existence of the house and betting on the future of the Rho Deuteron chapter.

Dave outlines the current status of renters for the next few years. There are ten (10) students from the lacrosse team that will be living in the house this upcoming fall and paying the chapter nearly $80,000. The following year, we will have another ten (10) lacrosse students confirmed. The house will look to have more people living in the house if we can get necessary renovations done to increase the rental capacity. The goal would be to get four (4) additional renters s othat we are covered for more than the operating expense of the house. The need for a local property manager is brought up by a member of the alumni and Dave responds indicating that this is a priority so that we can properly handle the needs of the residents when they occupy the house. 

The topic of recolonization is addressed and Dave expresses the importance of aligning with the college in order to be successful in bringing the fraternity back as a recognized part of Greek Life at the school. There needs to be synergy with the college or else we won't get the support we need to make it back on campus. The need for a value proposition is once again brought up and how important it is to focus on showing value with career advice and career planning by utilizing our deep alumni connections throughout various industries of work. 

Dave concludes the meeting by stressing the need for sustainable support from the alumni in the form of donations. The average per capita donation this past year was $300. We raised $19,000 from 100-120 outside of the Alumni Loan Program. While that is a number we can be proud of, we need more to be involved and we need to tap into all of our resources to make sure every alumni class is getting involved. 


Dave closes out his portion of the meeting and passes it along to the other officers on the board. 


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