House Update from President Dave Thorpe

Gentlemen –

We had a great turn out this past weekend with 12 alums/family members pitching in. We accomplished a LOT – here is a quick re-cap:

Completed Work


In thinking about what is best for the longer term it was decided that we would not pursue the conversion of the laundry room to a kitchenette for the upcoming rental and instead we would focus our energy on restoring the kitchen to full working order.

  • To this end a (very) long closed doorway was re-opened from the living room into the kitchen to allow the commissary area to remain blocked off during the upcoming 2016/207 rental period. This actually had a positive effect on the living room as the new door brings more light into the room.
  • In addition, a very heavy non-functioning soda machine and drinking fountain were removed and the 2 refrigerators were tested (one is working and now functional).
  • The stainless steel counter tops were restored to “like new” condition. 

Upstairs Rooms (2nd Floor)

  • Finished painting the last of the bedrooms including 205, 207, 206 and 203.
  • Installed ceiling tiles in 203.
  • Just about all the second floor doors were painted inside and out, two coats.
  • Prepped and primed upstairs hall from wing bathroom forward.  Two finished coats completed in the middle section from the front stairs to the “triangle”.

First Floor

  • Finished painting rack in 101.
  • Prepped and painted laundry room.
  • Hauled away dryer.

Other Items

  • Ted, Todd, Lee and Tony met with the plumbers and roofer to understand and negotiate the recent plumbing bill and to discuss estimates for future work.
  • We successfully negotiated a $1,000 reduction in the $10k plumbing bill.
  • Collected deposit from 2017/2018 renters.


A BIG THANK YOU to the alums and family members who participated:  Ted & MaryEllen Gibbon, Tony Barbera, Todd Klacik, Lee Merwin, Dave and (his daughter) Briana Shaffer,Dave “Cubby” Ciarrocca, Dan Wilson, Joe Carver, Tom “Jaws” Cook, and Mike Mesmer.


Upcoming Events


We will be sending additional details and Evite’s for these events separately so MARK YOUR CALENDARS!